Who's Working For You, Your Dental Team




Your Dental Team...

            Dental offices are populated by a variety of incredible team members.  The day to day logistics of fixing teeth are often orchestrated by the amazing people who make a career doing whatever they can to keep patients happy and comfortable.  Dentists spend their time fixing teeth.  The dental team makes sure that everything else runs smoothly. 

            A great team makes all the difference in the dental world.

            So who are those team members and that do they do for you?

            The Front Office - Those smiling faces at the front desk check-in area have a very demanding career.  They are often tasked with greeting patients, answering phone calls, confirming insurance coverage, updating health histories, reminding patients about appointments, filing insurance, and making sure the day runs smoothly.  Great up-front team members care deeply for their patients and can multi-task through Post-It notes like no other.  Very often, they are former dental assistants who understand the variety of procedures that patients face.  Their job is hard work.

            Registered Dental Assistants - The very best dental assistants are doers.  They hustle to get things done, to keep appointments on time, and to keep dental offices clean and sterile.  On top of that, they must learn to speak for their doctors and to explain the risks and benefits of oral health.  The very best dental assistants care deeply for their patients and do whatever they can to make dental care comfortable.  Their job is hard work.

            Dental Hygienists - That awesome person that keeps encouraging you to floss, (even though 90% of us don’t) is a registered dental hygienist.  They teach because they care deeply for their patients.  Their job is to fight gum disease and inflammation that can lead to a variety of other health problems.  Hygienists are the team members that clean teeth and educate patients on how to keep their gums disease free.  They may also place dental sealants to prevent decay and help your dentist to spot potential problems.  Their job is hard work.

            The Dentist - Believe it or not, your dentist actually went through all of that school and training to help people.  Our job is to treat dental disease, replace lost teeth, whiten smiles, brighten days, and help make beautiful, white, straight teeth surrounded by pink healthy gums.  Our job is often hard work.

            These are the people who work for you.  Their job is to make your dental health fit into your life, your preference, and your budget.  They work hard to make you happy and comfortable.

            Until next week, keep smiling.

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