What Makes Dentists Happy...


What Makes Dentists Happy…


            Some days, dentistry can be a frustrating profession. By nature and by training, most dentists are type-A personalities who strive for perfection. In both practice and life. We deal in millimeters and micrometers to achieve beautiful, white, straight, healthy teeth surrounded by pink, healthy gums. Unfortunately, there are often health and human factors involved in the delivery of great dentistry that lay beyond our control. It can be frustrating to complete awesome dental work and see it fail because it was not maintained properly. Working in a dental office can be both physically and mentally taxing.


            Fortunately, the satisfaction in being a dentist far outweighs the difficulties. We get to meet and help a variety of people from all walks of life every single day. Dentistry is an area of medicine where the doctor-patient relationship remains strong. Great patients make any small difficulties worthwhile.


            There are a variety of things that make dentists and dental teams happy. Here are a few.


            A Great Team - Great dental experiences require a team of efficient, effective, experienced people to make sure appointments run smoothly. Dentists rely on their support staff of assistants, hygienists, schedulers, and insurance experts to provide patients with the best that dentistry has to offer. A great dental team of smiling, friendly faces makes everyone’s time in the dental office better.


            Healthy Gums - Let’s be honest, the only time most people notice their gums is when a tortilla chip slices into them. Or when our hygienist flosses them for the first time in the last six months. Or when something starts to hurt. In reality, gum health is a window to our overall health. Patients with inflamed, bleeding, infected gums often have a variety of other health issues. Most all great dentistry starts with a foundation of healthy gums. We can do a better job fixing teeth when the gums around those teeth are healthy.


            Happy Patients - Many a dental visit starts with a patient stating, “Nothing personal Doc. I hate dentists.”

            We try to take this in stride, but where else do people meet you and start the relationship in such a way?

            “Chip, I’m proud to introduce you to my friend, Bob.”

            “Nice to meet you, Bob,” I’d say,” and don’t take this personal, but I hate Bobs.”

            Those of us in the dental field know well that our patients often arrive in pain or scared or both. We do our best to comfort, excuse, and overcome. Empathy often goes a long way.


            The truth is that patients with the best attitudes often have the best dental experiences. There are but a few things in our lives we truly control.  Attitude is at the top of the list.

            Until next week, keep smiling. It works wonders.


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