What Dentists Are Blogging About
By tiffani
June 28, 2012
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What Dentists Are Blogging About...

            It is common knowledge that most everyone would love to attend a dinner party filled with dentists.  Ah, the excitement and riveting conversation to be had.  To sit there and listen to discussions about sleep apnea and cavities and which lab custom fabricates the best ceramic crown would be truly amazing to any innocent bystander.

            Probably about as fun as a root canal.  Of course, nowadays, those aren’t that bad.

            Thanks to technology and a mess of message boards filled with dentists, we can look inside the world of dentistry.  Here’s a quick peek at today’s top seven active topics.  Whether you like teeth or not, it’s an interesting look behind the curtain.

            Number 7:  Little Things That Drive Me Crazy...a discussion of grammar and how dentists and their teams try to word things correctly.

            Number 6:  Kids and Cavities Along the Gumline...why and how to fix.

            Number 5:  Big Words About Joint Disease...an ever deepening discussion and various opinions on why, where, and how to treat Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMD) or jaw joint problems.

            Number 4:  Pulp Vitality Tests...new technology to see if a tooth needs root canal therapy.  And why root canals really aren’t that bad anymore.

            Number 3:  P90X...By now, most of us have been to the beach, lake, or swimming pool this summer and have seen a picture of ourselves and said, “Damn, I gotta’ get back to working out.”

            Number 2:  How To Find an Associate Position...a lot of fresh dentists just graduated and are soon to be licensed and looking for work.  They’re looking for tips on job hunting.

            And finally, (I promise I didn’t make this up) Number 1:  How To Make Shots Work Better and Less Painful...we just want our patients to be comfortable.

            The funny thing is, I bet you could read most any message board from most any profession and see similar threads (disregarding the technical stuff).

            We’re all spinning around the sun together.  Until next week, keep smiling.

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