This Christmas...
December 21, 2012
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This Christmas...


            To my wife’s chagrin, I had set my alarm to wake me before sun up.  My plan was to enjoy a quiet sunrise with a hot cup of strong coffee watching the horses and cows graze.  I might see the turkeys waltz by or even a deer or two beyond the fence toward the creek.  The dogs would be wrestling and I’d have some time to myself for both reflection and worship.  My own porch church.  It would give me time to gather my thoughts for a little writing before the kids stirred.  They had been up late the night before, so I had plenty of time to kill.


            So I thought.


            The alarm went off as planned (I dared not hit snooze) and I eased into the kitchen to brew some coffee.  As I turned to fetch a spoonful of sugar, I was startled by a bed headed, grinning five year old girl.  The hot coffee sloshed from the too full cup and singed my dainty, tooth fixing fingers.  I winced.  She didn’t notice or care.


            “Dad, I think Sarge (our resident Elf-On-The-Shelf) is in more mischief.”  Sure enough, old Sarge had wrangled up a date with Barbie.  They were both hanging gleefully from the light fixture above the kitchen table.


            “Can I have some hot chocolate?”


            My quiet outdoor time was quickly transformed into a marathon of Christmas cartoons, snuggled under a blanket on the couch with my sweetie.  At some point, Parker wandered in and then went back to bed with Momma when he realized how early it was.  During a commercial break, I said a quick prayer of thanks and kissed her on the head. 


            All was well.


            Current events (locally, nationally, and around the world) continually remind us that life will happen beyond our control.  All we can do is cherish each moment, each laugh, and each smile.  We are reminded to live and love and forgive.  We could all hug more and care less about the little things.  Maybe give thanks and give help like it’s Christmas year ‘round.


            May you and yours have a blessed Christmas and safe travels these next couple of weeks.  Merry Christmas to all.


            Until next week, keep smiling.


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