Things To Love About The Holidays...

What We Love About the Holidays…

                I would love to write a classic Christmas song. One small problem is that I’ve never written a song. Also, there was an incident where I was asked to retire from 6th grade band because of my lack of rhythm. And…I cannot play a single instrument.

                Other than that, I’m a very qualified songwriter.   

                If I could, I’d write a song that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy because the deserving child has a happy Christmas. Or a ballad where the old grump learns the true meaning of the holiday season. Of course, those stories have already been written, by people far more eloquent, musically gifted, and more intelligent than myself.

                I can’t really compete at songwriting. What I can do is keep things simple. Short and sweet is what I do best. The kind of essay one can read on the toilet.

                Let’s face it, I’m a bathroom article writer.  I know who I am.

                So…let’s talk about what there is to love about the holidays.

                We love…The long, drawn out meals with family and friends (especially the ones whom we see only a couple of times a year)…Heading to the hunting lease after Thanksgiving dinner…Rushing out on a family holiday road trip…Lights, lights, and more lights, the more the better, colored LEDs…Cold weather, hot coffee, Irish whiskey, enough said…College kids coming back around town…The smiles on the faces of the moms of those college kids…The morning smell of a fireplace that has been burning all night…Cookies for Santa…The feeling I used to get in the pit of my stomach from excitement on Christmas Eve…Corned beef hash, our family Christmas morning breakfast tradition…The sound of corks popping on New Year’s Eve…College football bowl games and this year’s playoff…Especially, if Baylor makes the Final Four…Christmas cards and letters…The general feeling of warmth and love from people about town…Gift cards and after holiday sales…Black Friday and Cyber Monday…The look of excitement on my kids’ faces when they wake us Christmas morning…The knowing glance from Mom at that moment…Backyard football after a big meal…The ritual of the rolling video camera that seems to catch at least one embarrassing moment each year…Giving…Seeing those people that tend to come into focus around the holidays…Buying (not to be confused with shopping for) the perfect gift…The “white elephant” Christmas gift game (gotta’ love leaving the party with a genuine Japanese sumo shaped Christmas candle)…The one gift that you’re most excited about giving (usually not the most expensive, but the most thoughtful)…Black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day and gumbo…Fireworks on New Year’s Eve…Turkey, stuffing, gravy, and the cranberry mold shaped like the can it just came out of…The classic network holiday TV shows that we loved, but can’t seem to keep our kids interested in…New Year’s Resolutions…Hermey, theelf in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that wanted to be a dentist…

                There are a million things to love about the holidays.

                Until next week, keep smiling.

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