The Ultimate Toothbrush

The Ultimate Toothbrush... 

            Most dentists, especially of the male gender, are “gadget guys.”  We constantly search for the next greatest tool or technology to improve patient care.

             When it comes to my personal tooth care, I’m the same way; a gadget guy.  My home and office bathroom cabinets are filled with dental toys (water picks, “air” flossers, electric tongue scrapers, and vibrating toothbrushes) that promised to make my teeth healthier in a faster, easier form.  Some work great and some do not. 

             That’s why I always try them on me first.

             Recently, I was excited to read about the next best thing in cleaning teeth.  It is a custom made tooth brush that claims to be able to give all of your teeth an ultimate cleaning in as few as six seconds.  The product is still in development, but here’s what we know.

             A three dimensional scan is taken of a patients teeth or a model of their teeth.  The scan is then sent electronically to a lab where CAD/CAM technology is used to make a custom fitting full mouth toothbrush.  The final product looks like a baby pacifier attached to a football mouthpiece.  On the inside of the mouthpiece are thousands of custom angled toothbrush bristles.  In theory, you bite into the mouthpieces and move your jaws around to knock off all the plaque.

             On some level the product just looks silly and reminds one of the “six minute abs” joke.  Can you really do a good job brushing in six seconds?  On another level, there are people all around the world, both young and old, who have lost or never developed the physical dexterity to do a great job brushing their own teeth. 

             Either way, I can’t wait to order mine and try it out.  Its an interesting concept that just might be worthwhile.

             Or it may end up in a box under my sink.  Time will tell.

             Until next week, keep smiling.


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