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November 27, 2014
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A Rainy Saturday Morn…


On the weekends, our kids have a super accurate, atomic powered internal time clock. No matter how late we stay up on a family movie night, they are up and going by 7:15 am the following morning. The same thing happens on sleep-in Sundays. We stay up late Saturday night then, “BAM!” they’re bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:00 am Sunday morning. This is never the case if we are headed to church or have to get going somewhere early.


Amazingly, their internal clocks always malfunction on school days. No matter how early they go to bed on Sunday night, we’re dragging them out of bed for school on Monday morning. Their weekend zest and energy seems to dissolve into the nether until their next day of no-school.  


Such is the life of a kid.


I’ve come to appreciate their weekend wake up calls. Even more so after my first cup of coffee. I cherish the time we three spend together on the couch or back porch, listening to them bicker and play, while I sip on coffee, cook breakfast, and get the day started.


In a few short years, I know that these chatty mornings will be gone. The house will be quieter and Jennifer and I will get to sleep later.


We’re certainly going to miss this.


As I sit on the porch this rainy Saturday morning, the kids are back in their bed/fort playing Minecraft together. Building and plotting and planning away.  We’ve already cooked and eaten breakfast. Now, I’m enjoying my coffee and the sound of rain while our three dogs are just glad someone is outside to protect them from the occasional thunder.


It’s just the setting to reflect upon Thanksgiving and the things I’m most thankful for.  


I’m thankful for waking up early on Saturdays and the constant shushing I’m having to do so that Mom can try to sleep. Looking into the pasture, I’m certainly thankful for the rain and the life that we’ve made here in Llano. I’m appreciative of the support, friendships, and love that we receive from our patients, our community, our families, and our friends. I’m thankful for the amazing team we’ve put together at our office and proud of the way they serve our patients. I’m grateful for the health of our kids and family members. Ultimately, I’m thankful to have been born in a country where one can work hard to succeed, live free, believe in their own God, and make their own choices to affect each day.


The holiday season is upon us. As usual, it will fly by with family, friends, gatherings, travel, and all the normal hustle and bustle.  


If you can make the time, I’d suggest a few quiet minutes watching rain.  Thanksgiving will become quite clear.


Until next week, keep smiling.


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