Spring Breakin'
March 21, 2013
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Spring Breakin'


            Through the years, my inglorious baseball career and love for the game kept me from enjoying the fruits of Spring Break.  There were always games or tournaments to be played.  Upon entering dental school, I did have one shot at Spring Break while still unspoken for.  As soon as clinic let out, a classmate and I packed up my pickup and drove sixteen straight hours to Panama City Beach, Florida.  Only then did we realize that we were a good ten years older than 90% of those giddy Spring Breakers. 


            The best laid plans...


            As many families do this time of year, we put together a family gameplan for Spring Break 2013.  After a shortened three day work week, we were headed off to enjoy the Alamo City as only tourists can do.  Sea World, the Riverwalk, and the Alamo were tops on the kids’ list.  Being from that area, it was an odd vacation destination.  I was determined to give it my all.


            While Mom was finishing up the dental work day, Dad had a rather extensive checklist of packing to do. Feed and water the animals, load the bags, get blankies, check the thermostats, lock the doors, wash dishes, etc.  I’m pretty sure some of those chores were not trip related, but I crossed them off as done, anyways. 


            All was packed, the truck was running and the three of us were waiting.  Plenty of time for a learning experience and a constructive start to Spring Break.


            I put together drinks and snacks and we sat at the kitchen table to kick off our trip.  "Okay," I said, "let's all say three things that the other people in our family are great at."


            My seven year old son immediately raised his hand.  "Parker, you start.  Tell me something that Peyton is great at."


            "She's great at annoying me," he said.


            This was how Spring Break 2013 was going to be.  I mistakenly thought that kind of talk wouldn't start until the teenage years.  His tone will change as her friends get older and prettier, I bet.


            Fortunately, I did coax some positive from the conversation and they both managed to build each other up.  When Mom got home, they were more than ready to tell her how great she is.  Or, they were smart enough to placate me and conform so we could get on the road.


            The crowds in San Antonio were as expected and much patience was required. At the end of each day, Mom and Dad were more than ready to hit a good Mexican restaurant for chips and salsa and maybe a margarita or two.  At the end of the trip, you couldn't replace the looks on their faces while feeding dolphins or riding a horse-drawn carriage around downtown.  We all had fun.


            As the song says, "some day, we're gonna' miss this."


            Until next week, keep smiling.


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