Nothing To Write About
September 24, 2012
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Nothing To Write About...


            My weekly dental and life ramblings have been going on for several years now.  Last time I looked, I had written over two hundred articles for this newspaper.  A few of my better essays (in my opinion there are too few really good ones) appear to have made the rounds on the world wide web.  Mostly in people’s spam folder, I’d guess.  I’ve composed press releases, blog posts, a eulogy, endorsements, acceptance speeches, and even have the start on a couple of books.  I guess you could say I enjoy the hobby of writing.


            Every once in a while, I’ll be visiting with friends and the subject of a previous article will come up.  The ensuing discussion always seems to end with someone asking the same question, “How do you come up with something new to write about each week?”


            My canned answer is:  ”Two”


            The truth is actually even simpler than the nectar of the gods. 


            Life, both at home and at work, leads the way.


            For example, this week, I could write about the difference in getting a “regular” cleaning versus receiving the proper treatment for gum disease.  Speaking of disease, there is a study I’d like to discuss that links sleep apnea, heart disease, and a person’s bite.  On the subject of bites, I have a great story about a baby rattlesnake that my wife had to bludgeon with a the rain...while wrangling three heels.   And the fact that she now wants me to keep all of our shovels sharpened.  And man, did my wife look sharp.  We got to spend a few days as adults in Houston at a continuing education class that has me more than fired up about what the future of dentistry has to offer.  While in H-town, I met and had my picture taken with an artist who was wearing a powder blue leisure suit with faux full quill ostrich patches on the shoulders.  He was carrying a feather.  You should have seen his art.  Speaking of art, there’s so much to explore about the art and science of dentistry.  And the way that technology is blending the two.  Plus, it rained and it has been below ninety degrees for a few days straight.  Just tonight, we spent the evening decorating for fall.  I cannot do justice to the way that a five and seven year old “decorate” when given thirty minutes and four containers of decor from the attic.  Let’s just agree that the toilets were very pumpkin-ee.


            Then I look down at the bottom of my screen and see that I’ve once again surpassed my recommended four hundred word limit.


            My work here is done.


            I wonder what I’ll write about next week?


            Until then, keep smiling.