Marking the Seasons...
October 20, 2014
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Marking the Seasons…

            By the time this article is published, we will be back to sweltering ninety degree days. In a week or two, we may get enough Arctic air to consistently keep our temperatures in the high eighties. If our local dental patients are correct (weather talk is a staple of most dental visits), we are then in for a cold, wet winter.

            Autumn is almost here.

            According to the meteorologists at Wikipedia, the Northern Hemisphere autumn starts in September and ends in November. Native Texans know that this is a half-truth and that the four seasons can be classified in a more convenient and more logical way. To that end, here’s how the seasons change in Texas.

            It is a common misconception that Fall and Autumn are the same. In Texas, this is not true. Fall is clearly marked by the start of the high school year, opening day of dove season, and the first home Friday night football game. Autumn is a totally separate season kicked off by Halloween night and the opening weekend of deer season. 

            Then comes winter.

            There are a couple of phenomena that signal the change from autumn to winter. The most visible of the two being outdoor Christmas light displays. When colored lights begin to brighten the night sky, we know that winter has arrived. Secondary confirmation of winter is then delivered by the postman through pictures of family and friends on their previous year’s vacations, a.k.a. Christmas cards.  This is not to be confused with the premature signs of winter that include holiday aisles at Home Depot or ten thousand gift catalogues in your mailbox.

            The arrival of spring is quite simple, obvious, and pronounced. Bluebonnets. That’s it. Spring has sprung.

            Summer is marked by that first itch for a warm weather road trip to Concan, South Padre Island, or your lake of choice. If you can swim before consuming an adult beverage, then it’s warm enough to say Summer has arrived. The mailman again helps to signal this change, in the form of graduation announcements. Once the lastschool bells haverung, summer is in full swing.

            We then come full circle back to Fall. If we’re lucky, we do it all over, again and again.

            Until next season, keep smiling.

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