I Believe
December 19, 2013
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I Believe... 

            I believe.   

            After all these years (well maybe not that many years), I still believe in Santa Claus. 

            I really do. 

            There are those who think that Santa is not real.  A fake.  A fraud.   

            Those people are wrong. 

            Some consider him a symbol of commercialism, want, and greed. 

            That is a mistaken identity.  A falsehood. 

            Some feel that the very idea of old Saint Nick detracts from the real reason we celebrate Christmas. 

            I believe there’s another way to see Truth. 

            So what is Santa Claus?

             Santa Claus is the innocence of childhood we all once shared.  He’s milk and cookies and hot cocoa on a cold winter morning.  Santa is not being able to go to sleep on Christmas Eve.  He is the pure joy of getting that one gift that one year that you just had to have.  He is also the life lesson of not always getting what you want, whether you had been naughty or nice the previous 365.  Santa Claus is the glimpse or sound or smell that we all swear we experienced as a child.  Santa is family meals and bowl games and that weird relative you were never quite sure how you were related to.  He is ignoring the bitter cold to ride a new bike or jump on a trampoline or try out a new mitt.  Santa is the screaming baby lap picture and the unbridled excitement of a five-year-old up too early on Christmas morning.  For parents, he is the sacrifice of putting the kids first.  Santa Claus is random acts of kindness.  He is Christmas.

             Come to think of it, old Santa has a lot of qualities symbolic to the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  Look back to the beginning of the article and substitute Him for Santa. 

             You might be surprised by what they have in common.  Symbolism is everywhere.

             Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Have fun, be safe, and Christmas on.

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