Football, Life, and Teeth...

Football, Life, and Teeth… 

            Going on nine years, I’ve written a weekly article for several newspapers, our Parrish Dental website, Facebook, a few friends who request it by email, and most anyone else who might take note. Many articles are about teeth. The better, more interesting ones tend to focus on family and on life. I know this and try my best to mix things up, stay inspired, and entertain my readers. More than once, I’ve received an email that starts out, “Will you write about something other than teeth this week?”

            So, on that note, I was tucking my ten-year-old into bed last week when we started talking about an upcoming tackle football game. We were discussing strategy and I was explaining to him the way that good football teams operate.

            Know who you are. Do what you do, well. Always have a back-up plan.

            If you think about it, that’s how all good teams operate. Businesses, too. Also, that’s a pretty good template for a happy life.

            Know who you are. Do what you do, well. Always have a back-up plan.

            Later that night, I started thinking about how that mantra could apply to dentistry. The wheels kept turning, so I got up and hashed it out.

            Know who you are.  -  When it comes to teeth, we all know if we’re the flossing type. We know if brushing is a priority. We know how many sweet teas and sodas we will probably take in. We know if we are really going to quit smoking this time around. Your dentist and dental hygienist should know all of this too. It’s our job to educate and encourage change. We know it is not all going to happen at once. That’s why we often recommend more frequent preventative visits. Some of us need a little extra help from professionals.

            Do what you do, well.  -  Some people love to floss. Studies show them to be in the minority. Some people brush so often and so hard that they wear into their teeth over time. Some people are happy with a couple of swishes of mouthwash a day. Or oil pulling. Dental teams know this. Whatever your routine is, do it consistently and do it well. If you like to brush, do it for two minutes twice a day. And make sure to get all the surfaces of all the teeth. Ask your hygienist the best way to brush. Brush well.

            Always have a back-up plan.  -  Modern restorative dentistry is your back-up plan. That’s what we do. Fix broken or missing teeth. Nobody plans cavities. Everyone would love to have the straight, white healthy teeth surrounded by pink healthy gums that God gave them. For a variety of reasons, though, that does not always pan out. If you are currently unhappy with the teeth you do or do not have, see your dentist and find out which back-up plan fits into your life.

            See what I did there?

             Life and teeth.

            Until next week, keep smiling.

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