Facts About Dental Implants



A Few Facts About Dental Implants...

             One of the most revolutionary things that has happened in dentistry over the last thirty years has been the evolution of dental implants.  Today, the use of titanium tooth roots to replace teeth or sets of teeth is quite common.  Despite their frequent use, the average person has little understanding of how dental implants work to improve the way we eat, smile, talk, or chew.  To that end, here are a few interesting facts about the world of dental implants.

    Implants are the most advanced tooth replacement system ever devised.  They are a true replacement for tooth loss, not just a loose fitting alternative to having NO teeth.

  Dental implant therapy has a 90+% success rate.  Implant therapy is often much less painful than when the original tooth was lost.

  Dental implants help to preserve jawbone and help to prevent the appearance of premature aging.

  Most dental implants are placed in a dental office setting with minimal discomfort.

  Dental implants can help to improve comfort, speech, diet, and appearance.

  Implant therapy can allow you to eat the foods you want, not just the foods you can.

  Implant therapy is conservative, it preserves adjacent teeth and leaves them untouched.

  Implants don’t require root canals or get cavities.

  Implants can provide stability to loose dentures and partials by making them snap into place.

  Implants can eliminate the need for a denture.

  Implants can provide teeth that are both natural and long lasting.


            Ask your dentist if implant therapy is right for you.  It’s a game changer for replacing lost teeth and fixing loose dentures.

             Until next week, keep smiling.

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