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June 17, 2015
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What Can Dental Implants Do For You…


            Titanium implants have revolutionized dentistry over the past twenty years. They are one of the few dental treatments that can change your life.


            One of the really cool things that dental implants can do is to replace a single missing tooth. If a tooth has been lost and adequate bone exists, dentists can put in a titanium tooth root. In the best of circumstances, we can even put a new tooth on the dental implant the same day. It amazes me that someone can walk in with a broken tooth and walk out with a new prosthetic tooth that same day. What will we come up with next? Mail on the computer? Phones that take pictures? Technology is amazing.


            All kidding aside, there are other interesting uses for titanium dental tooth roots.


            Overdentures:  These are full sets of teeth that are supported and attached to dental implants.  A denture that fits over some implants. We dentists are known far and wide for our creative minds.  Basically, the denture snaps on or screws onto the implants to secure the denture in place. These are great for those annoying dentures or partials that just won’t stay put.


            Orthodontics (Braces):  Implants are often used to help move teeth around. They can help dentists and orthodontists move teeth faster, gentler, and more efficiently.


            Full Mouth Rehabilitation:  This is the Cadillac of dentistry. It may cost just as much, but truly gives you your teeth back. Dental implants can support a full set of upper and lower teeth where they have been lost. A computer is used to scan the upper and lower jaw bones and a full set of teeth are made out of metal and tooth colored porcelain. The computer scan is also used to make a surgical guide that puts all of the implants in a predetermined position. In one day, all of the implants are put in and a full set of upper and lower teeth are screwed onto the implants. This provides a full set of new teeth in just a few hours.


            There are lots of ways that dental implants can improve your life and your smile. Ask your dentist what can be done for you.


            Until next week, keep smiling.


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