Dental Implant Month!
August 04, 2016
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What Can Dental Implants Do For You?

            Titanium dental implants have revolutionized dentistry over the past thirty-five years. They are one of the few dental treatments that can truly change your life.  Dental implants give people their teeth back.

            One of the first really cool things that dental implants can do is replace a single missing tooth. If a tooth has been lost, dentists can put in a titanium tooth root and build the tooth back to its former self.  This replaces more invasive procedures like dental bridges that reduce and weaken adjacent teeth.

            Implant Overdentures:  These are full sets of teeth that are supported and attached to dental implants.  A denture that fits over and snaps on to a set of implants. A full upper or lower set of teeth can be made that snap in place.  If you’ve ever worn a loose denture, you know how frustrating it can be.  Implants help to solve this frustration.


                Orthodontics (Braces):  Implants are often used to help move teeth around. They can help dentists and orthodontists move teeth faster, gentler, and more efficiently by providing a stable anchor point.

            Full Mouth Rehabilitation:  Full sets of teeth can be made that are supported and screwed onto a set of dental implants.  It’s a complex procedure, but it gives patients a full set of teeth that do not come out.  

If you are missing one or all of your teeth, be sure to ask your dentist what options might be right for you.