Better All The Time
September 10, 2013
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Better All The Time...


            The first weekend of college football brought both heartbreak and promise.  Promise for those teams who score the big upset or those who play to the level of their pre-season ranking.  Promise for us fans who think our school is going to have a breakout year.  Heartbreak comes to those few schools each year who get out-played or out-hustled by a less highly regarded team.  The beauty of college football is that every game counts and an early loss to a “cupcake” can ruin a national title run.  The truth is that almost any team can beat any other on any given Saturday.


            As my old ball coach said, “Things are always changing.  Teams never stay the same.  You can get better or you can get worse, but you can’t stay the same.”


            This saying really applies to modern dental and medical office teams.  Advancements in the science and the technology of medicine are moving faster than at any other time in history.  This means that doctors and dentists must spend countless hours researching and learning new treatments, techniques, and materials.  Then, the work really begins.


            To implement the latest techniques, doctors must train their teams.  Sometimes, this is the hardest part.  Dental assistants must learn how to set-up, use, and maintain new equipment and new materials.  Dental hygienists must learn how to help patients maintain their new restorations.  Front office teammates must learn how to code new procedures for insurance coverage and how to best help patients maximize their benefits.  All team members must learn the ins and outs of new procedures so that they can explain to patients the how and the why.  After this is all done and the team has everything figured out; BAM; new research comes out and we start relearning everything all over again.


            Continuing education is a steady climb with no final destination.  The more you learn and better you get; the more you realize you need to learn more to get even better.  It is both a demanding and a rewarding continuous cycle.


            Change will keep coming.  We can get better or we can get worse.  We will not stay the same.


            The choice is ours.


            Until next week, keep smiling.


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