A Graduation Letter...



A Letter To Eighteen Year Old Me…


            This time of year, graduation time, really gets my creative juices flowing. The sheer volume of potential and opportunity that I see in those young faces really inspires me.


            This morning, as I was jogging down our gravel drive, I pondered what I might tell a younger me upon graduation from high school. It occurred that the experience I’d give to my eighteen-year-old self might also help others to find a healthy path.


Dear Graduate,


Congratulations on your achievements. Your hard work has paid off. Tomorrow is a new beginning. A chance to go forth and find happiness and prosperity. To that end, here are a few concepts that might serve you in your future endeavors.


Successes and failures in life are generally the sum total of the choices that you make. The more wisdom that you can gain from observing the choices of others, the better choices you will make when it comes to your own. Be conscious of your free will and ability to make your own decisions. Think things through.


Find someone that you can love and trust with all your heart. Someone who consumes you and reciprocates your emotion. On this, do not compromise or settle.


Random events occur in life that you have no control over. Your choice of attitude when dealing with these events can make or break you.


Strive to treat people fair. The notion that everyone should be treated equal is a fallacy. Every person that you deal with comes to you with their own set of talents, virtues, beliefs, values, and faults. You cannot beat a cheetah in a footrace. You are not equals. It is not right to treat everyone the same. A truly talented leader will recognize people’s strengths and put them in a position to succeed.


You cannot argue logic or science against someone’s emotion or feelings. Don’t waste your time. Or theirs. Learn to respect other opinions.


Live where you want to live. Live in a place that makes you happy. Make this a choice, not an accident of employment or circumstance.


Avoid the trap of chasing either fame or fortune at the expense of being your true self.


Things do not stay the same. Change is a daily occurrence. You can get better or you can get worse. Find one way to improve each and every day. Learn. Forever.


I meet people every day who are wildly happy and successful from their own actions. I’ve yet to meet a lottery winner. Luck tends to fall upon those who work hard and make good choices.


Happiness is not some magic finish line that you can wake up and achieve. The best moments in life come from being present in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. Try to slow down and enjoy those moments. They are the building blocks of happiness.


Go forth and make choices.


Chip Parrish, D.D.S.


Until next week, keep smiling.


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