A First Sleepover...


A First Sleepover…


            Before my truck could roll up to the front of the elementary carpool line, three ecstatic boys burst from the schoolyard. My daughter, knowing the rules and respecting them, stayed on the sidewalk and waited. The teacher on duty walked her to my truck and reminded the boys that they were not following the rules. Their attention span being shortened by the excitement of their first sleepover, I assured her that they would later be doing push-ups as a friendly reminder to obey school rules.


            The short ride home was filled with all of the noise and goofiness you could imagine. Three nine-year-old boys, whom I’ve known a good part of their lives, morphed from their normal selves into a modern day version of the Three Stooges. Everyone was playing and slapping at everyone and it was all the funniest thing in the world. To them.


            I wanted to feel bad for my sweet baby girl, stuck between those silly, stinky boys. I couldn’t, though, as she simply joined in the fray and dished out as much as she took.


            If the ride home was any indication, it was going to be a long night for us parents.


            They could hardly inhale their snacks fast enough, when suddenly a Nerf war broke out. The boys filled the air with battle cries and spongy projectiles. Soon, every corner and open space in our house was filled with some type of neon toy weapon or soft dart. They were loving every minute of it.


            Soon, the girls had enough and Mom took our daughter to escape to her great-grandmother’s house. We boys thought it would be funny, in the interim, to stage a ransom to all parents involved. The boys posed with me as hostage and a ransom was sent by text.


            To my disdain, not a single offer was made to save me from the chaos.


            The night progressed rather smoothly, with no major injuries of note. Considering that their activities included trampoline wrestling, toad hunting, baseball, a tire swing, Nerf sword-fighting, and an abundance of running, this was a major accomplishment.


            Eventually, it got dark and they wound down to popcorn and a movie. Their goal was to stay awake as long as possible. Eventually, though, fatigue set in. I’m pretty sure they were out before the midnight hour.


            Regardless, they sprang from their pallets early the next morning and started right where the left off the night before. Lots of giggling and screaming and laughing. I don’t think even our neighbors could have slept in.


            The joyous sound of happy kids.


            For all involved, it was the first in a long string of future sleepovers and slumber parties. In the blink of an eye, we’ll all be grown up and the goofiness will have passed us by.


            For sure we are going to miss this.


            Until next week, keep smiling.


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