A Fabulous New Year...
January 03, 2013
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A Fabulous New Year...


            If you watch the evening news (I make a point NOT to), you know that 2012 was a banner year for doom and gloom.  In December, we narrowly avoided the Mayan Apocalypse only to fall off the “fiscal cliff” as we Americans head into 2013.  Our omnipotent government leaders are promising us all higher taxes, gun control, and socialized medicine. 


            That equates to poor and defenseless, but healthy if we can be seen by an overwhelmed system.


            Take your pick.


            As is always the case, therein lays a deeper meaning.  The end of 2012 simply leads to a new beginning in 2013.  With new beginnings, come hope and potential. That is the true meaning of our New Year’s celebration.


            If you read up on the Mayans, you quickly realize that December 21st was simply the end of a cycle.  One of any number that our big rock will endure. Similar to any other date we humans celebrate.  The “Mayan Apocalypse” was simply one culture’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.  I celebrated by taking my son hunting.


            Then there’s the “fiscal cliff.”  No matter your political affiliation, most of us would agree that our government is bloated and wasteful.  Uncle Sam should be held to the same accountability as you and I.  Spend less than you make and save a bit for the future.  Unfortunately, this concept was lost long before I was born.  I suspect all of the media hype is good for business, but the true fact is that some compromise will be reached long before any of us “common” folk file our 2013 taxes in April of 2014. 


            No matter the events of 2012, the coming year brings eternal hopes and dreams.  January 1 is a new day and a new way to make all of our lives a little better.  A chance to tell those you love, an opportunity to seize the day.  A choice to be better than you were before and to forgive the past.  Go forth and be good and prosper.


            Happy New Year 2013!  Be all that you are meant to be.


            Until 2013, keep smiling!




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