A Cool, Quiet Morning
September 21, 2012
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A Cool, Quiet Morning...

            Anyone raising kids can attest to the fact that the last couple of weeks have been hectic.  While the return to school brings with it the comfort of schedules and normalcy, the transition phase tends to be quite complicated.  Add in an early school holiday (...back in my day school started after Labor Day...), to the getting up early, meeting new teachers, learning new schedules, and all the rest of the “school starting stimulation” and most households are a bit sideways.

            In a few years, though, we’re gonna’ miss this.  Just ask your nearest empty-nester.

            With that in mind, I was thrilled by the prediction of fifty degree weather this third Monday of the school year.  My only problem was figuring out how to take the scenery in, as weekday mornings leave little time in our household for leisurely contemplation.  On top of that, the slightest scurry, much less an alarm clock ringing, generally wakes most of the troops in the house, leaving peace and quiet far behind.  Plus, Momma is never happy to wake up early.  And if Momma isn’t happy...well, you all know how that saying goes.

            At 5:40 a.m, Peyton walked in because her covers were off.  While Mom dutifully tucked our baby girl back in, I contemplated my escape.  I could be up in time to enjoy a quiet morning; if everything would just play out.  At 5:57 (I always wake on sevens), I snuck from bed, grabbed a t-shirt, and tip-toed past the kids’ rooms.  My sweeties were back asleep, so I fired up the coffee maker, poured a cup, and headed to the back porch.

            It was still dark and darn chilly.  I started browsing the morning papers on my smartphone to check football scores and anything else going on in the world.  Our chocolate Labrahound sauntered over and lay her head in my lap.  Then a paw.  The next thing I knew she was laying on my feet and I remembered why I was awake at this hour.  I put away my phone and cuddled with the dog and listened to the country wake up.

            I heard roosters waking and dogs barking and horses and cows munching.  A diesel truck fired up, someone heading off to work.  There were turkeys stirring on the creek and a few doves cooing.  I listened to a couple of squirrels fight or mating.  Or getting the kid squirrels ready for school.  I’m not sure which.  As the sky turned from black to grey to pink, I heard the world awake.

            It was going to be a good day.

            Before I knew what hit me, I was frying bacon, pouring cereal, waking kids, and returning to reality.  Despite my early head start, we managed to leave just in the nick of time.  Just like always.

            In the blink of an eye, as the kids grow up, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more and more of these lonely early mornings.  I’m sure I’m gonna’ miss all of the hustle and bustle.

            Until next week, keep smiling.

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Photo Courtesy of AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN, photo by Larry Kolvoord